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Opera 7.50 Preview 2 Linux, Solaris FreeBSD Roland  02/18/04 03:37 PM


Opera 7.50 Preview 2 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD available

Hi all,

Opera 7.50 preview 2 for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD is now available.

Drownload from:

Please discuss this release in the opera.linux or opera.os.solaris newsgroups
or opera-linux mail list before submitting bugs to our BTS (Bug Tracking

When you start a thread on opera.linux newsgroup or opera-linux mail list
please do not reply to this message. Instead: Write a subject line that
tells what you want to talk about. That way it is much simpler to keep
track of everything.

New features

- Chat Revisited
Every aspect of Opera Chat has been improved. There's a new identd
server to make connecting to IRC easier. We've fixed several other
usability bugs with Opera Chat. You can now add IRC nicknames for
your contacts and they'll show up in the Chat panel when they're
online or away. Right-clicking in the Chat panel gives you the
opportunity to set your away status. Don't forget to join us at
#opera on irc.opera.com for some great chat!

- Favicons in Bookmarks
Having trouble finding bookmarks? Opera now saves favicons in the
Bookmarks panel, Bookmarks menu, and Personal bar. It's easier than
ever to find the bookmarks you're looking for.

- M2 Optimized
Building on the success from 7.50 Preview 1, we've polished M2 so it's
ready for general use. We've fixed several problems that could lead
to message loss. We've sped up reindexing, importing, downloading
messages, reading messages; well, just about everything. It's now
easier to mark messages as spam and marking messages as "Not spam"
doesn't add a new contact. New mail notification is now more clear,
too. Clicking on the notification tooltip will open your Unread view.
The Mail panel selector button will show the number of messages in
your Unread view and is highlighted when there's new mail since last
you looked. Take the new M2 for a spin, we're sure you'll like her.

- Start Panel 2.0
While still experimental, the Start panel has come a long way. The
Start panel is now fully customizable. You can drag buttons and edit
fields there, so you can make it suit your needs. And the slim and
maximized Start panels can be customized with different buttons and
fields. Got a search you think everyone should know about? You can
make it a link on your web page that others can drag to their Start

- Transfers Made Easier
To keep useless information about downloads out of your face until you
can actually use the file, we've made it so the Transfers panel
doesn't open automatically. The Transfers button in the panel
selector now includes the time remaining and the number of downloads.
And when a download completes, a tooltip lets you know and the
Transfer panel selector button is highlighted.

- Panels Improved
The panels are now more usable and flexible. Maximized panels have
different toolbar buttons than slim panels. And they have additional
columns, providing usual information. The History panel, for
instance, will tell you the pages you've visited most in the
Popularity column. To make it easier to get info from the panels into
Opera's work space, single clicking on panel items now activates them.
Want to hide the panel selector to get a little more work space? No
problem, just put your mouse at the edge of Opera's window, click, and
it gets hidden.

A full changelog is available here:
Olafur Arnason
Opera Software ASA
Desktop test manager

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