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Opera 7.11 (2887) Opera 7.10 (28 Smilebit  09/09/03 02:05 PM

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Re: Opera 7.11 (2887) Opera 7.10 (28 VanCrane  09/09/03 03:09 PM


Changelog for Opera 7.11 for Windows

User interface features:
Added "Redo" to edit menus; "Load image" and "Open image" added to image context menu
Closing with active downloads triggers a confirmation dialog
Session file always saved after opening and closing windows
Skinable progress also in transfers panel
Made center/end ellipsis configurable ([User Prefs] Ellipsis In Center=0|1 , 0 is default)

Personal bar appears beside banner if there is enough room
New "Identify as" widget (drag from "Customize toolbars" dialog)
Drag and drop on locked toolbars not allowed
SDI (open pages in new windows) mode:
Bookmarks do not open in new window when "Reuse pages" is checked
Automatic offset of windows in SDI mode
Fix for issues with Ask cookie dialog
Bookmarking improvements
Use link text instead of document title for "add link to bookmarks"
Include #fragment in URL when bookmarking a link
Fixed a Netscape bookmarks import issue
Fixed potential problem when adding bookmarks with very large description

Improved automatic selection of international fonts
New "Show Web Search" and "Delete to end of line" actions
Improvements to Cookie/Wand manager dialog
Fixed issue with keyboard selection when saving mouse and keyboard settings
Made changing action from filetype box via download dialog stick

Usability and accessibility:
Added Alt+Home shortcut for Homepage
Press Ctrl+L to show link pop-up menu (after selecting a link with the keyboard)
The GoTo dialog and search boxes support Shift and Ctrl+Shift when pressing Enter and when clicking the "Ok" button
A middle-mouse-button click opens a document in a new page when clicking on an entry in the Links, History, and Bookmark panels, or on the Personal bar
Ctrl+Shift+middle-mouse-button click on pagebar will open new page in background

M2, Opera's new e-mail and news client:
Improved readability of e-mail filters
Fixed issue with spam filter when you are in your own contacts list
Remove temporary account when import is finished
SMTP: CRAM-MD5-support; always use HELO as EHLO-fallback
Allow quote character in incoming e-mail adresses
Bcc is never sent in SMTP and NNTP

Privacy and security:
Mask password in URLs in various places
Support for "Clear bookmark visited time"
Fixed possible buffer overruns for (illegal) long filenames, as reported by Secunia
Fixed JavaScript issue reported by Nesumin and commented on by Secunia

More features:
Added support for the ALINK attribute
Various improvements to DOM support
Increased wait-for-styles timeout from 0.5 to 2.0 seconds (FOUC)
Replace non-breaking spaces with a regular space in text copied to clipboard as some editors cannot properly handle the non-breaking space character
Keystrokes are ignored when plug-ins have focus
This makes typing into Flash fields behave normally
Impossible to use Opera keyboard shortcuts as long as Flash has focus

Stability fixes
Plug-in fixes
All strings translatable for localized versions
Fixed spelling errors

Re: Opera 7.11 (2887) Opera 7.10 (28 Smilebit  09/09/03 03:12 PM

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