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Opera 7.20 beta 4 for Windows (build 3069) VanCrane  08/22/03 02:16 AM

Вышла. Лежит _//snapshot.opera.com/windows/ow32enen720b4.exe_



* Crash fixes
* Memory fixes
* Fix for plugin paths
* Fixed: Default apps for trusted protocols not set
* Fixed: The icon for the unread document from skin.ini was not used
* Fixed miscolored gif bug
* Added clear button to customize dialog box (not on toolbar by default)
* Copy&paste formatting fixes
* Added "turbo mode" to Windows prefs: Smooth drawing of images
* Various unrelated fixes: First-letter, hover on position: fixed, table cell heights, float and linebreaks, HR fixes, scroll bar flicker, background-position... And more
* Iframe fixes
* User mode fixes
* Better handling of pseudo elements in getComputedStyle
* Fix for copying long notes and links to clipboard
* Clear links panel when closing a window. Use lock if you want to keep them around
* Allow new windows to be opened while a close-all is in progress without entering an endless loop
* Always show the local context menu when using Ctrl+M, just like if you use the (Windows-specific) context menu button
* Fix for Help button accepting a certificate
* Force reuse of page when searching if page is empty
* Support for function keys F13 to F20
* Improved support for language versions of search.ini
* Allow fast forward before page is completely loaded
* Fix: Flash content only loaded after re-loading page
* Update delay tuning
* Changed so that loading redraw lock start when new document arrives, instead of when contacting server. Therefore changing default to 2 seconds
* Added support for bolded menu items
* Let special forward mouse buttons try fast forward if no normal forward
* Fixed: No preview for international font selection
* Fixed: Text select highlighting lost on link when moused-over
* Fixed printing of frames
* Made root honour overflow: hidden on BODY
* Accepting ! at end of comment
* Possible to tab through items in Personal bar
* Some fixes for handling download of files. Open files with opera directly if that is selected form the filetype edit dialog box
* Do not activate a bookmark using its shortcut if the bookmark is inside the trash folder
* Added a top borderline above mail toolbar in windows skin
* Fixed problem with korean IME
* Load default (fallback) language file when changing UI language from preference dialog box

Kiosk mode:

* Added kiosk mode filters
* Support for no-download kiosk mode
* Support for kioskresetstation kiosk mode
* Support for reset-on-exit kiosk mode setting
* Suport for disabling file upload widget in kiosk mode
* Support for no-change-buttons
* Support for "kiosk-button" kiosk flag
* Hide pagebar + open new page when the last is closed
* Disable bookmark menu contents in no-Hotlist mode


* Easy way to add filter to an existing view (filter on address or subject) - right-click message, select "Show in", view name, "This view and add filter"
* Quick reply shows recipient as ghost text
* Fixes for hide from other views not available in Filter window
* Made mail view title into a button used to change mail view without Hotlist
* New Reindex mail dialog, to be used when new features are added to M2 that require some kind of reindexing. Now used to reindex mail per account so that the account selector works even with old mail. Pressing Cancel will make the dialog reappear next time. Reindexing works across multiple sessions
* Completely rewritten format=flowed code. Improved support for RFC2646, and added support for Unicode Standard Annex #14, "Line Breaking Properties". Needs testing!
* Be even more restrictive in flowing. Following RFC2646 §4.1
* Added sorting of the mail access menu
* Export mail fix - will only export mail from selected access point
* Not show newsgroup messages in Unread by default
* If plaintext LOGIN with literal fails, retry without literals (and without quoting).
* Added workaround for servers not following RFC2980 §3.1.3(.1)
* Open a message box asking about entering online mode if checking mail in offline mode.
* Fixes for very slow-loading mail indexes

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Re: Opera 7.20 beta 4 for Windows (build 3069) Nimnul  08/22/03 05:18 PM

В ответ на:

Fixed miscolored gif bug

А анимационные гифы? (И вообще как опера работает с картинками мне очень не нравится!)

Re: Opera 7.20 beta 4 for Windows (build 3069) KOCTET  08/22/03 06:17 PM

2 Nimnul Скорее всего они самые, у меня стала показывать нормально

Re: Opera 7.20 beta 4 for Windows (build 3069) VanCrane  08/23/03 04:00 AM

C гифами нормально, и бегают шустро и отображаются...
Мешает другой баг - при запуске четверка иногда вылетает с ошибкой, перезапустишь - дальше нормально работает.

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