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Opera 9.0 Build 8496 Lan  06/16/06 08:21 PM

Opera 9.0 Build 8496

Скачать _//snapshot.opera.com/windows/o90w_8496.exe_ (4009 Кб)
Скачать _//snapshot.opera.com/windows/o90w_8496m.exe_ (6322 Кб)
Скачать для _//snapshot.opera.com/mac/o90w_3447.dmg_
Скачать для _//snapshot.opera.com/unix/Weekly-344/_

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And this time we have an extra bonus for you: we would like some more feedback on various UNIX platforms, and therefore all UNIX packages are available! (Yeahy!) And in this context it might be worth reminding that installation on SunOS is fixed.

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* CNN video does not crash.
* Favicons in widgets work again (on Windows and Mac only, for now).
* Fixed display on opera: pages.

Новость о Релизе 9-ки. Ожидается 20 июня. Victor  06/17/06 07:31 AM

Opera is gearing up for the release of Opera 9.


"The new browser would presumably be released this coming Tuesday (June 20th) at a formal event Opera is holding in Seattle, WA. There has been lots of speculation about what Opera will do at this event in Seattle, but it seems clear to me that Opera will kick start a grand marketing campaign aimed at increasing their market share of the desktop browser.

The company has been pretty much mum about its plans for the Seattle event. One company official told me that the plans are tight-lipped. But one thing is clear; Opera is gearing up for a serious marketing campaign, according to many indications I’ve gotten from Opera’s marketing department."

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