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Opera Windows build 8359 Lapomas  04/07/06 05:06 PM


Easter egg/bug hunting edition
By borg. Friday, 7. April 2006, 18:17:56

This is as close as we get to a public beta release candidate before easter, so have fun with it, hunt down and report problems here and in the beta forum.

Oh, and if you use a Mac, there's another egg to be found. Hint: You need a remote control.

Some of the changes:

Fixed widget crash in in 16-bit/24-bit resolutions
Fixed crash caused by corrupted language files
Fix crash when resetting a form with a fieldset inside
Fixed bug with some archive files opened blank
Fixed bug where width calculation of images in Java-Script doesn't work
Fixed flash crasher
Fixed Bit Torrent crash and leak when resuming a torrent with one file missing
Fixed a couple of memory leaks

Windows Build 8359 MSI
Windows Build 8359Classic
Macintosh Build 3329
Unix build 229
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