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NEW > 03-Mar-06: Opera (9 ?) Windows build 8246 Lapomas  03/03/06 06:23 PM

_//snapshot.opera.com/windows/o90w_8246.exe_ > > _//my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/show.dml/155918_

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Re: NEW > 03-Mar-06: Opera (9 ?) Windows build 8246 Lan  03/03/06 09:56 PM

_//fileforum.betanews.com/sendfile/945720329/1/o90w_8246.exe_ (4124 )

-Fix to make e-mail and news items display correctly when they are selected.
-Improved BitTorrent disk cache.
-DCC file transfers now displayed as a link in a private chat window.
-Added support for onmousewheel events.
-Fix for canvas gradients and blur.
-Improved behavior of offsetParent, offsetTop, and offsetLeft.
-Script events now report correct keyCode for insert, delete, home, end, pause/break, scroll lock and num lock keys.
-Added support for element.cssText.
-Allowed self closing SCRIPT tags in HTML documents.
-Fix for SRC attribute in atom feed summaries.
-Allowed FTP downloading of files whose names contain colons ':'.
-Experimental fix to allow downloading of files larger than 4GB.
-Added [Network] Enable NTLM setting to toggle NTLM support.

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