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Opera 8.5 for S60 usr  11/20/05 01:10 AM



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New Features in Opera 8.5 for S60

Customisable shortcut keys

With Opera 8.5 you can customise the functions you want from the keys on the phone keypad. In addition to the functions already present with the current keypad setup, you can also select from a number of additional functions. As an example, you can change key 9 from "Internet search" to "History list", if you use this more often.


Opera 8.5 gives you the ability to zoom in on webpages to enlarge both text and images. The scale goes from 100 % all the way up to 250%, so you can enlarge image details or increase the font size if the readability is not good enough on the website. Nokia N90 users will in addition have the ability zoom down to 20% to take advantage of the higher screen resolution.

Password manager

Now you can log into your favorite webmail without having to type in your username ans password each time. With the password manager, you will be asked to store your username and password the first time you log in on a website; to use for later logins. For extra security, you can also create a master password.

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