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Opera 7.60 Preview 1 (7141) for Windows Mongoose  08/24/04 06:11 PM

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: _//www.myopera.net/go.php?http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/o760tp1v_7141.exe_ ( 6,04 ) _//www.myopera.net/go.php?http://snapshot.opera.com/unix/7.60-Preview-1/_



* New start-up options *

One of the first things you will notice when you start Opera is the ability to select whether to use Opera as an Internet suite or as a browser only. The latter option disables Opera Mail, which can be enabled again via Preferences > Programs and paths. The first-time setup dialog also allows you to easily disable the personal bar and panel selector to increase your page viewing area.

* Speech-enabled browsing *

You may have noticed the increased size of the install file. This release comes with a set of voice libraries that enable the user to control Opera by speaking commands to it. Opera now supports XHTML+Voice 1.2 and the CSS3 speech module (properties new to CSS3 are prefixed by "-xv-"). With the default setup, you can navigate pages, have selected text read to you, and control parts of the browser. Select some text, hold down Scroll lock, and say "speak" or visit the IBM Multimodal demo page for a demo. More information about using voice can be found in the help files by issuing the command "voice help" or in the Opera with Voice tutorial. Join the discussions about this new feature in #voice on irc.opera.com.

Voice functions only work on Windows 2000 and XP.

*In-line error pages *

Opera 7.60 features in-line error pages, allowing you to continue to work if a page loading in the background gives an HTTP error. The error pages include helpful tips to troubleshoot possible problems and stay out of your way until you are ready to deal with them.

* Medium-Screen Rendering *

Not everyone has huge monitors or lots of free workspace. That is one of the reasons we created Medium-Screen Rendering (MSR), available by selecting "Fit to width" from the "View" menu. MSR reformats pages so they fit better on smaller screens. The end result is a page that is very close to the original design, but that should not require horizontal scrolling.

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