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threads van_grieg  05/03/04 04:07 PM

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The threading handling and algorithm in Opera is actually very close to that one, with a few special cases:

- Opera doesn't thread based on subject alone, but expects other e-mail clients to correctly support either In-Reply-To or References headers (the majority do, with the notable exception of Lotus Notes it seems).

- Opera can have both incoming and outgoing copies of the same message in the same view, something Netscape never had to take into account. 7.5 will thread those under each other to not break the threading and will even join a grand-parent with a grand-child if the parent in the middle is hidden in a given view (in spam/trash/sent/filtered out).

- Opera threads across its entire message base, where Netscape only threaded a folder/newsgroup. In order to achieve this we keep all messages received this session sorted by its Message-Id, as well as X messages received earlier (lets face it, you're unlikely to receive a direct answer today to a message you wrote 8 years ago). X has probably been too low for the volume of news postings some of you guys receive and will be increased in the final version.

- The global base threading approach means that every single message in Opera is pre-threaded to allow for near instant opening of views with tens of thousands of threaded messages. One drawback is that it's not optimal for the situation where you receive the child before the parent message and we will look further into that.

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