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Opera 7.50 Preview beta Boris  04/21/04 09:57 PM

21.04.2004 Opera Software FTP beta 7.50


Opera 7.50 for Windows Beta 1 Changelog Boris  04/22/04 04:38 PM

New in Opera 7.50 for Windows beta 1

Opera version 7.50 beta 1 is now available for download.

Opera 7.50 beta 1 adds several new features and improves on the innovations of Opera 7.

Changes since Opera 7.23:
At first glance
User interface redesigned
Chat client
RSS newsfeeds
Fast full-text indexing of e-mail messages
System tray icon/e-mail notifier
Spell check support
Graphical smileys in chat and e-mail
New chat client
Uses IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol
New chat panel lists visited chat rooms and status of on-line contacts
Graphical smileys
Opera Mail
Faster indexing and searching of e-mail messages
Learning spam filter and custom filters
New option to "Mark as spam"
Marking message as "not spam" no longer adds sender to contacts
Ctrl+X removes message from any filter
Support for Aspell spell checker (requires separate install)
Added support for subscription to RSS newsfeeds
"Newsfeeds" added as access point in the e-mail panel
RSS 0.9x, 1.0 and 2.0 are supported
Clicking RSS links automatically adds newsfeed to Opera Mail
Auto-detection of RSS file (link rel="alternate") displayed in navigation bar
Improved handling of contacts with multiple addresses
Improved handling of invalid List-ID headers
Improved threading of e-mail and newsgroup messages
Graphical smileys
Unread message count shown in mail panel selector button
Unseen e-mail messages have same color as unvisited links
Open access points are remembered between sessions
Multipart message improvements
Added setting (Preferences > Programs and paths: "Show e-mail client") to disable all e-mail, news and chat functionality
User interface
New default skin
New "Tools" menu
New "Customize toolbars" dialog for placing and customizing all toolbars
Hotlist now known as panels
Panel items, such as e-mail filters, are now single-click. This can be reversed by adding Hotlist Single Click=1 to the [HotListWindow] section of opera6.ini.
New "Search" panel with multiple search fields
Enabled favicons in bookmarks and personal bar
"New page" button added to page bar
"Reuse existing page" now includes e-mail pages
Newly downloaded skin will not be saved if user opts not to keep it
Keyboard and Mouse
Improved and expanded support for drag and drop
New mouse gestures. Rewind: Shift+Gesture left, Fast Forward: Shift+Gesture right
Keyboard shortcut changes:
5 now rightly toggles between maximized and restored page
i toggles between split and maximized view in e-mail pages
Ctrl+click on image opens "Save image" dialog
Open new page: Ctrl+N in MDI, Ctrl+Shift+N in SDI
Open new window: Ctrl+Alt+N in MDI, Ctrl+N in SDI
Close page: Ctrl+W. Closing last page in SDI closes Opera.
Close (application) window: Ctrl+Shift+W in MDI, Ctrl+W in SDI
Changed keyboard shortcut for "Duplicate page" from Ctrl+Shift+N to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N
Changed keyboard shortcut for "Close all" to Ctrl+Shift+N to Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W
CSS 'overflow' content can be scrolled using keyboard or mousewheel
Display and standards
Overall stability improvements
Overall CSS support improvements
Added support for SCRIPTs in XML documents
Improved JavaScript support
Improved display of HTML entities in XML documents
Added support for the XMP HTML tag
Added support for inheritance of CSS background properties
Improvements of bidirectional text support
Privacy and security
Individual cookies can now be edited in the server manager
Increased maximum number of cookies per server to 30
Fixed Secunia Advisory #10760 (Download Extension Spoofing)
Fixed Telnet URI Handler issue as notified in personal communication by Idefense
Kiosk mode
Allow Alt+Space menu when using /NoMinMaxButtons command line option
Enabled Page bar when using /KioskWindows command line option
Added /NoPanel as alias for /NoHotlist command line option
/KioskButtons will now display address bar by default
Fixed problem with Netscape bookmarks import where URL data could confuse parsing of titles
Improved plug-in support
Faster and more efficient image caching
Windows specific changes
New system tray icon with e-mail notification and right-click menu
Included latest Flash plugin
Improved handling of IME/East Asian text

Re: Opera 7.50 for Windows Beta 1 Changelog TYSON  04/28/04 12:22 PM

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